Audio production and post-production

Produzione e post produzione audio | Digital Cinema Package - Mastering - MaGestic Film

Thanks to a strong network of collaborators, MaGestic Film provides full audio production and post-production services, helping companies and content creators developing film, music and gaming projects, ensuring maximum creativity and total alignment with all the industry standard technical specifications.

Audio production: live recording, voice over and dubbing

Tools and experience serve the creation of high quality recording sessions, providing a full set of assets ready to be used for mixing music, films, videogame soundtracks and dubbings as well.

Audio post-production: editing, mixing, sound design, mastering

A strong attention to detail, together with a long experience in film distribution, motion design and music production, is key to high quality audio post-production services for the film and videogame industry, with a focus on sound editing, mixing, mastering, sound design and digital delivery in every industry standard format known.

Audio for film, streaming, gaming and corporates: all of our services

  • Technical support for events and festivals
  • Live recording
  • Sound design and foley
  • Voice over and dubbing
  • Editing and mixing - 2.0, 5.1, 7.1, Dolby Atmos
  • Mastering and authoring
  • Quality control and digital delivery in every industry standard format