RED digital cinema

Magestic film - Produzione e post-produzione video Piacenza - Milano - conversione dcp - digital cinema package - imf - color correction

MaGestic Film offers professional video production services thanks to expert camera operators specialised in using RED cameras and wrangling their data, providing also support during the whole project pipeline.


Equipped with the latest technology, RED cameras allow to shoot up to 8K resolutions, more than 16 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p. 4K is the international standard format for cinema screenings.


Film has been chosen for years by the best cinematographers for its excellent characteristics such as color rendition and dynamic range, but the introduction of Mysterium sensors disrupted the industry.

RED cameras are equipped with DragonHelium, Gemini and Monstro sensors, capable of a dynamic range exceeding 16 stops. The captured images will be extremely rich and detailed under any shooting condition.


Redcode and IPP2 image processing workflow brought the real power and efficiency of RAW in the video realm. Shooting RAW means recording the signal straight from the sensor, with close to no secondary processing and efficient compression, capturing higher quality images and widening post-production possibilities while keeping storage costs low.

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