Interoperable Master Format

IMF - Interoperable mastering format

MaGestic Film can master IMF packages of audiovisual works in FullHD and UHD / 4K resolutions and with SDR or HDR Dolby Vision image standards.

What's an IMF?

IMF (InterOperable Master Format) is an international standard developed to consolidate in a single location all the constitutive blocks of a finished audiovisual work, enabling a more efficient and simpler way to create different versions of the same project. The IMF package (IMP), in many ways similar to a DCP, will contain all the assets used to build the finished project, allowing the end user to reconfigure the content for the destination medium.
IMF is already used as a delivery format by OTT streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and many others.

Who it is for?

IMF format is mainly aimed to the exchange of materials between post-houses and large distribution outlets needing multiple output formats and different versions of the content, but it's intended also for everyone who wants to consolidate in a safe and efficient manner their own projects once finalized. The IMF format is used as archive format in national film archives too.

The advantages of an IMF

Thanks to IMF won't be necessary to have a different digital master for every different content version, all assets will be stored inside the IMF as building blocks and only once, minimizing storage space and streamlining the exchange process between different facilities. Metadata contained into the OPLs (Output Profile Lists) will guarantee that every output format extracted from the IMF will conform to precise aspect ratio, framing, chrominance and playback criteria.