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Una storia di libri - Ernesto Buonaiuti

A story of books | Ernesto Buonaiuti (2022)
Video podcast - 5 episodes 45'

A project by: Silvia Onegli, Francesco Mores
Production: MaGestic Film

Video podcast project meant to tell an author exclusively through a selection of his books. The series, dedicated to Ernesto Buonaiuti, is created by Silvia Onegli and Francesco Mores and talk about five books of the author:

Pellegrino di Roma, la generazione dell'esodo
Lettere di un prete modernista
Il messaggio di Paolo
Lutero e la Riforma in Germania
Storia del cristianesimo

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Paolo Gorini - Il mago di Lodi

Il mago di Lodi - The wizard of Lodi (2022)
Documentary - 127'

Director: Silvia Onegli
Production: MaGestic Film

The legacy of scientist Paolo Gorini, inventor of the modern crematorium mistakenly known as petrifier of dead bodies. In the background, a rethinking of the taboo of death and the small city of Lodi in which he lived most of his life and where today the myth and cult of the “wizard” persists in contradictory and unexpected ways.

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Terre documentario agricoltori piacenza

Terre - Lands (2021)
Documentary - 53'

Production: MaGestic Film

Stefano Malerba is a winemaker living in Val Tidone, near Piacenza (Italy). Born and raised in Milan, he worked many years as a businessman for Nokia. In 2007 Stefano left everything for the pursuit of a simpler life and started making wine between the hills of Piacenza with his own winery, “Gualdora”. However, after almost ten years of struggle and hard work all alone, in 2018 he decides to come back to his old work as a businessman. His farm is now still alive and well carried over together with his girlfriend Florencia.

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Res Creata esseri umani e altri animali

Res creata (2019)
Documentary - 79'

Director: Alessandro Cattaneo
Producer: Silvia della Sala, Alessandro Cattaneo
Production: Zivago Film with the contribution of MaGestic Film

A documentary that tells the ancient and contradictory relationship between humans and animals.

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