Italian film rating visa

Visto censura - Nulla osta proiezione pubblico

On November 2021, Italy introduced a new film rating system which eliminates definitively censorship practices, meaning that the distribution of a film isn’t anymore related to cuts in order to be shown in theaters.

Anyway, it’s still mandatory to put the film under rating classification and ask Mibac’s special commission (Ministero per i beni e le attività culturali) for a proper rating visa, without this special code it is not possible to show films in public.

Thanks to skilled collaborators, MaGestic Film is able to take care of all the italian film rating process without any waste of time, leaving directors, producers and distributors to their business.

To begin the classification process for the rating visa MaGestic Film will just need to ask the production a few question and documents and due to italian bureaucracy the rating time will last around one month.

Our studio is also able to create all the necessary video files to be sent to Mibac for the rating process.